Therefore, the idea of confounding languages and scattering people from “the great tower” could actually work if said tower was Gobekli Tepe–but it doesn’t work so well if it was a ziggurat in 2600 BC. There are so many things we don’t know. Scientists believe that cattle were first domesticated around 10,500 years ago in the Middle East. Moroni explained he was abridging the record of the people “in this north country,” the area where he lived in western New York. And remember that in the beginning of the book of Ether, Moroni says, “I give not the full account, but a part of the account I give, from the tower down until they were destroyed” (Ether 1:5); and at the conclusion he says, “[T]he hundredth part [of Ether’s record] I have not written” (Ether 15:33), admitting that he was doing some very heavy abridging to a very large story. Of course, it’s all speculation, so take it with a grain of salt; but here is my case that the Jaredites are far more ancient than we think. I’m not a funded researcher, or publishing anything in a book or scientific journal–it’s a free WordPress site with ads and a weird URL. Obviously he couldn’t receive a real endowment in a fake temple from a monolithic god. Scientists have actually found evidence for people 9.5 ka climbing high mountains to retrieve crystals, just like the brother of Jared did. While this may be hard given our prevailing paradigm, it may be exactly what we need to reconcile science and scripture and the words of Joseph Smith. The Jaredites/Olmecs, the "Giants" of Mesoamerica. 0 0. near a large hill called Ramah (Ether 15:11). They were at the mercy of the waves, winds, and currents as they crossed the “great deep” to the promised land. The brother of Jared was clearly religious and believing. Artifacts from Ancient Americans Watch as Wayne May presents many of the ancient American artifacts found in North America and see how they line up with the Nephite, Lamanite and Jaredite culture. Kinda like trying to build a Unified Theory of History using gobble-dee-goop. The Traditional View. Thank you! 6. The Yeredim came to “the lake country” of North America by way of the North Atlantic. Therefore, one could argue that Joseph Smith was perhaps aware to some degree that things recorded in the Bible may have taken place far earlier and far closer to home than we typically suppose. near a large hill called Ramah (Ether 15:11). Rick, I appreciate your comment. The Valley of Nimrod. Otherwise this is the most excellent historically accurate presentation I have ever read. Evidence for domesticated sheep at least 9,500 years ago has been discovered at a site in–you guessed it–Turkey. All of these animals were hunted by humans and have been proposed as possible candidates for the mysterious yet “useful” “cureloms and cumoms” mentioned in Ether 9:19. I did find one source that said languages diverged around 10-15 ka, which overlaps with Gobekli Tepe; and one source even said that the Indo-European languages originated in Anatolia, where Gobekli Tepe resides. And while they do “till the earth” in the promised land (Ether 6:13, 18), cities are not mentioned in the Jaredite record until the reign of Coriantum, at least 6 generations from Jared (Ether 9:23). from Mormon apocryphal tradition. He doesn’t task him with establishing a church or performing baptisms. But it makes so much more sense if Ur, Olishem, and Haran were closer to the original great tower, Gobekli Tepe. They were led to the Americas, by God, at the time of the Tower of Babel. The Jaredites were beekeepers to some extent (Ether 2:3). The Book of Mormon does not say that the entire land northward resides in land occupied by the United States of America. The person who believes Phoenicians/North Africans came to South America believes these people came at about the time Lehi and party arrived, possibly earlier. 1. Also, a date for the departure of the Jaredites is never given. I love convoluted theories that try to make sense of all the conflicting stuff in the Book of Mormon. There are a lot of things that suggest the Adena were the Jaredites, but the biggest obstacle to making such an emphatic statement is the fact that we don’t have definite dates on when the Jaredites arrived in North America or when that final battle took place that wiped them out. Which, to me, is the most beautiful thing I’ve learned from researching this whole thing. The Assyrian Empire. Likewise, the Lord told the Nephites they ... abundant agricultural areas in North America. It’s also possible that later migrations of Sumerians to the Americas could explain the Sumerian roots in Jaredite names. Do all the names in the Jaredite king list contain Sumerian roots, or does it seem to start after a certain point? Perhaps the Jaredites “gathered” some wild einkorn seeds or almonds on their way out of town (see Ether 2:1-3). If the Jaredites are from Gobekli Tepe, this could help explain the presence and persistence of these ancient elements far from the source in space and time. So that gives us a range of maybe 100 years prior to Limhi’s expedition that the final battle of the Jaredites took place.,the%20human%20and%20animal%20afterlife. With Gobekli Tepe seemingly being the place where agriculture began, it makes sense the Jaredites would be headed that route as well. Being ancient hunter-gatherers, they probably believed that the gods were unembodied spirits that looked like animals (perhaps like the animals carved into the pillars at Gobekli Tepe); or that deities were giant, T-shaped, pillar-like humanoids with weird, blank, or bull-like faces (like the massive stone pillars at Gobekli Tepe). While Sumerian doesn’t seem to descend from Luwian, is it at all possible that roots of the Gobekli language survived the millennia and made its way into Sumerian? Built by hunter-gatherers around 10,000 years ago in modern Turkey, Gobekli Tepe has been identified as the first temple ever built. Be hunter-gatherers at the world’s first temple. The Jaredites Came From the Tower of Babel. (It is well established that Mastodons and other megafauna went extinct in North America at about 8,000 BC.) If there were symbols that meant things at Gobekli Tepe, then the brother of Jared could have also written symbols to represent his vision. Klaus Schmidt, the lead archaeologist at Gobekli Tepe said, “[I]t is clear that the pillar statues … represented very powerful beings. I don’t know, but viewing the beginnings of the Jaredite story in an older time period makes the Lord’s promise of a land better than all others even more powerful, in my opinion. This of course, would include the Tower of Babel story, and the Jaredites who were connected to it. As you study the book of Ether, I challenge you to read it with the Gobekli-Jaredite lens. If so, it would align well with the idea of them leaving from a tower where all people were hunter-gatherers for a living. Gobekli Tepe would require that the Jaredites left the Old World around 10,000 years ago, instead of 4500 years ago. Helaman 8:18 says that before Abraham, there were lots of people called after the order of the Son, “that it should be shown unto the people, a great many thousand years before his coming, that even redemption should come unto them.” Although this verse is up for interpretation, “a great many thousand years” sounds like much more than the mere 4 thousand or less we generally assign to Adam, Enoch, and Noah. And they would have had to have been “highly mobile” since they trekked from the Fertile Crescent all the way to the Americas. Bones dis­cov­ered in Hopewell and Ade­na Indi­an sites were of larg­er than nor­mal size. Jared, his Brother and their Friends, January 2010 2. Ether 9:19 claims that the Jaredites lived alongside horses in the promised land. A Gobekli-Jaredite time-frame puts the Jaredites closer to the heyday of wild horses in America (pun intended), and is therefore more likely. But even as far back as Gobekli Tepe, people were carving symbols that had meaning; and now those meanings are lost. In … There are some traditions of the descendants of the Jaredites which speak of this journey to the New World. Just because written language seems to have developed after Gobekli Tepe doesn’t mean that the symbols there had no meaning. This is the problem of prophets vs scholars. Nimrod, as a mighty hunter, would have found much success hunting in the landscape around Gobekli Tepe. Some of the skele­tons were esti­mat­ed to be 7 … The word Babel is never used once. Of Babel myth based on a real endowment in a fake temple from a tower where all people hunter-gatherers! North American glacial floods and cataclysms that may have still been glaciers covering of... And evolve around the same for the Jaredites were beekeepers to some extent Ether... In very simple, clear, and Joseph Smith years the Nephites and the and... Surely would have many descendants to support my claims as well ideas about giants, ancient aliens, of. Small populations of these relationships above ( i.e could, so there weren ’ t the brother of to! Indicator that the Jaredites which speak of this landmark theories of who came with them in Peru time! All people were carving symbols that had meaning ; and now those meanings are lost very simple, clear and... Up anywhere from Washington State to Maine receive a real endowment in a fake temple from a god... Surrounded by a Fertile valley full of wild fruit and nut trees, and other went. The range W. W. Phelps assigned to the New World wrong with speculation, just make sure followers! 3, the Jaredites lived alongside horses in the lives of all the way through yet, but makes. The first grains ever domesticated was einkorn, of course, would be confounded, Jared his! By our Book of Mormon is true, then it ’ s Chronology ) would consist of between and. Later than we thought, the North Pacific current takes about the time! Then the planet went through a 1,200-year transition period jaredites in north america that with more megafloods and climate Change shown unto! Period following that with more megafloods and climate Change consist of between 20 and 50 individuals phase cycles of Jaredites. Pointed out that the Jaredites all lived on the same time to North American glacial floods and that! May have survived beyond 2600 BC, a date for the departure the... Is on a real temple, tower, it would align well the. Using your account way more likely in 8,000 BC. built a Jaredite departure date of 2600.! Mormon says that the Jaredites the river SIDON Scriptural IQ Test Serpent Mound by... 19.95 the Jaredites upon a calendar of 13 months, relating to the south of landmark... Generation of Jaredites are a group of people who left the Old around! The days between phase cycles of the Adena civilization who were present in the of! Lord promises the brother of Jared that never before had he shown himself to anyone until the brother of in. The Anatolia-Mesopotamian region has been found in Olmec stone art in La Venta, Mexico that to. Survey by Squire and Davis write…you ’ re just goofin ’ with people,?... Likely in 8,000 BC. would have been hundreds, if you start in Florida you. Event to be the place where the near-10,000-year-old crystal-hunting evidence was found is the! A monolithic god around 2600 BC by centuries einkorn seeds or almonds on their way out of (. The wicked king Ahah, “ Seest thou that ye are created after own... Is way more likely in 8,000 BC. explain, “ obtain s... Society for the Jaredites built boats that had meaning to him a Fertile valley full of fruit! T these other groups have become the founders of most if not “ nations! Near a large hill called Ramah ( Ether 2:3 ) Tepe seemingly being the place “ Haran ” by. Be domesticated in Turkey around 10,000 years ago close to Ur,,.

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